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Business model of Stallion Trust & Administration

At STAC, each client is assigned a dedicated team of in-house consultants which involves itself and becomes familiar with the various aspects of the client’s operations. The team works 7 directly with the client to ensure a full understanding of the organization, its goals, challenges and the desired outcomes.

Stallion Trust & Administration offers a combination of "stand-alone" and "multi trust or umbrella" retirement arrangements for occupational pension schemes (tier 2), provident funds and personal pension schemes (tier3), under the National Pensions Act 2008 (Act 766);

A multi-trust or an umbrella scheme is a simple, cost effective vehicle for retirement benefit arrangements to which a number of participating employers may subscribe, thus allowing the employer and its employees to focus on their core business.

The concept enables the Fund to be cost effective and run more efficiently as certain duties may be centralized, thereby reducing the need for individual employers to become involved in complex governance, trusteeship, investment, custody and administration issues.

We will enhance our product range to include multi-trust schemes for various industries and sectors, and we will continue to work with our clients to develop pension solutions to meet their requirements.

We provide a comprehensive pension administration service, covering all aspects of a trust based pension schemes, using our state-of-the-art robust pension fund administration system.

We hope to keep a tight administrator to member ratio in order to offer efficient and cost effective administration

Stallion Trust & Administration Limited is governed by a diverse board of six (6) experienced directors with rich educational backgrounds, broad business view points and experiences from the business and academic arena

All funds under our supervision are managed by a board of trustees made up of actuaries, investment professionals, corporate and trust lawyers, experienced finance officers, insurance and business executives.

The Stallion board of trustees include company directors, independent trustees, employer elected trustees, member elected trustees and one co-opted by the appointed directors

We encourage participating schemes to have their own committees who make policy decisions on the management of the Scheme. This means that employers and members can choose to be closely involved in their scheme.