About Us

Company Values


Our vision is “to be the provider of choice for corporate trusteeship and pensions administration in Ghana recognized for its professionalism, exemplary service and impactful contribution to the financial and retirement security of Ghanaians”


Our mission is in three years to be recognized as the premier corporate trustee and pensions administration firm in Ghana through investing in developing and training a team of the highest caliber and integrated systems and processes.

Core values

Our core values include:

  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Member centric service
  • Innovation
  • Prudence; and
  • Responsive.
Business Philosophy
  • We believe our primary responsibility is to our customers.
  • We strive for the highest standards of integrity and excellence in every single activity we perform, no matter how small.
  • We work hard to deserve our reputation as major innovators in our industry.
  • We respect the dignity and worth of every person. It is on the basis of this respect that all our dealings with people are pursued, regardless of physical differences, beliefs, or values.
  • We believe there is a capacity for self-motivated achievement in each of us.
  • We strive to share information and ideas with one another frequently and cordially, because we know we can never take advantage of opportunities and overcome obstacles if we are not open and honest among ourselves.
  • We believe that both individually and collectively as a Company, we owe it to the communities in which we live to be responsible citizens.

"The Pension Masters"