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Jim R. Baiden

Jim R. Baiden is currently the Deputy Managing Director and co-founder of Fidelity Bank Limited. On the business side Jim exercises oversight responsibilities for Treasury and Wholesale Banking; on the support side he is responsible for Human Resources, Marketing and Customer care.

Prior to Fidelity becoming a bank, Jim served as the Executive Director of Fidelity Discount House where as a Board Member je helped formulate policy and direction for the growth and viability of the business. Jim served as the General Manager since inception of the company, and was responsible for the overall daily operations of the Fidelity Discount House.

He has had an illustrious twenty (20) year career as a leading Treasury Manager and Investment Banker in the Ghanaian money markets. In the mid 1980s, Jim worked at National Investment Bank in various capacities including Eastern Regional head, overseeing branch banking and projects.

Jim has also gained extensive international experience as an alumnus of Gerard & National, London and the Darden School of Management, University of Virginia, USA.

Jim holds a Masters Degree in Banking & Finance from the Finafrica Foundation and University of Milan, Italy and a Bachelor's degree in Economics with Statistics from the University of Ghana, Legon.

Jim's directorship activities include Fidelity Bank Board, Dominion University College-Action Church International, Chairman of the Scholarship Foundation at Action Church International and Total Quality Transport Limited